Simply Go Green in Your Cleaning!

So, it is the time of year that we think about all the things that we want to make different in the coming year. I am not one to think of these “things” as new years resolutions, but rather life changes. Thinking of it this way helps me to make it more of a commitment and thus the change. I started this business over 5 years ago to not only help with our family but I really wanted to educate people on the dangers of using chemicals in their home to clean. So this article is just a quick and easy guide to switching your home to cleaner, “greener” products. You will be able to reduce your current products to 5 regular products that you can use anywhere in your home!

All Purpose Cleaner: I use a simple all purpose cleaner (that comes in a concentrated form) on almost everything in my home. It replaces all of the yucky cleaners that they sell to clean granite, stainless, tubs, showers and just about anything. It is even safe for marble. This one cleaner will replace about 3 of the products you use. You truly do not need a separate cleaner for every surface in your home. My top favorites are Mrs. Meyers, BioKleen, Seventh Generation and Thieves from Young Living. They smell fresh and provide a streak free clean that does not leave build-up like other commercial cleaners.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: There are quite a few “green” toilet bowl cleaners out there now. They are readily available and cheap. You want to look for something that is not only safe for you and your family, but the environment. Remember that the water goes into our local systems! My personal favorite is Seventh Generation toilet bowl cleaner. It is sold in most grocery stores and is under $3. You can use all purpose to clean around the toilet bowl and seat for a great clean.

Glass Cleaner: If you want to go really simple you can use simple white vinegar and water for a great clean. If you would rather buy a cleaner there are a lot of vinegar based products that are great. I have recently started using BioKleen which is awesome. It does come in concentrate form which costs pennies per bottle made. A good vinegar based glass cleaner also works well on cleaning stainless steel. It actually cleans it, not just shine it! If you are like me and have little hands everywhere this is a necessity!

Cleanser: Now, there are times that we simply need a good cleanser to get out mold, mildew, and to shine things such as our stainless steel sinks. There are 2 that I like to use that are tried, true, and SAFE! BarKeepers Friend and Bon Ami are easily available at most stores and they are not only very affordable, but super effective. They are very helpful in cleaning toilets that have rust or mildew stains. These cleansers will take out the stains. You DO NOT need bleach.

Wood Polish: If you have solid wood furniture that you want to shine (not just dry dust) then a product to use is Murphy’s Oil. We use this because it not only works well, it is affordable and the ingredients are 98% naturally derived, which makes it safe. I have tried a few others that are in the “green” family but they are pretty pricey and I just do not think they do any better of a job than Murphy’s.

There you have it! You really can keep your home clean with just a few simple products. The awesome thing too is that most of these products are interchangeable and can be used across your entire home safely. That is what we do here in our home and in our customer’s homes. Keep it simple and stress free trying to think of different products to clean different areas in your home.