Bar Keepers Friend

As you know, when we do our cleanings we like to use simple products, certified green products, and organic products. It’s common to be skeptical and ask, “Do they really work?”. 

Do They Really Work?

Let’s look at this one example using Bar Keepers Friend. At the bottom of the sink (in the video) there’s a rust stain at the bottom and some hard water corrosion along the faucet. I do need to mention, Bar Keeper’s Friend works great on Stainless Steel, but not on Stainless Steel appliances (they have a different finish and some times polishes).

See It In Action

You can see with a light powder and quick scrub using the rough side of a dish sponge, it takes the rust stain right off. Scrubbing the rest of the sink will leave a nice shine. The hard water corrosion breaks loose immediately. A quick rinse & dry and you have a beautiful shiny and clean sink.

Where Else Can I Use It?

Stains on pots & pans, and Corian countertops. It even removes most marker and pen marks. 

Where Can I Get It?

Bar Keeper’s Friend is available in almost any of the big box grocery stores.